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Commercial Storm Damage Claims 

Maximize Your Insurance Claims Payout

Home Safe Claims, a Public Adjuster in Colorado, is ready to assist you if you're a business owner dealing with storm damage claims. We offer specialized services to help policyholders maximize their commercial storm damage insurance claims and efficiently navigate the process. With in-depth experience in public adjusting, our team possesses the expertise to guide you through the complexities of adjuster paperwork and insurance protocols. Trust Home Safe Claims Public Adjusters to be your steadfast partner in managing your commercial claims.


Understanding the process of a storm damage insurance claim, particularly for commercial properties, can be challenging. We've outlined a straightforward guide to our commercial process below. Starting with a complimentary initial assessment right through to the final settlement of your claim, we ensure meticulous management of each step. This guarantees that your residential or commercial property damage claim is addressed with utmost accuracy and diligence, ultimately facilitating swift and effective repairs.

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Meet Our Team

Our team of experienced adjusters will guide you through the entire process and ensure that your claim is handled with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.


For business owners in Colorado, storm damage can have a devastating impact on your property. In such circumstances, enlisting the services of a Public Adjuster can prove invaluable. These professionals specialize in assessing the extent of damage following a storm, whether it's caused by floods or high winds. They create comprehensive reports detailing the damage, which then form the basis of your insurance claim. By navigating the insurance claim process on your behalf, they ensure your business secures a fair settlement, helping you finance the necessary repairs.



Roof leaks can arise due to a multitude of factors including storms, aging, severe weather conditions, and falling debris. Given the complexity of roof structures and the variation in insurance policies related to roof damage, managing a claim can be particularly challenging. A Public Adjuster steps in during such circumstances, offering expertise in assessing the extent of the property damage and interpreting policy language to maximize the payout.



Water damage caused by incidents such as flooding or pipe leaks, is another common issue that businesses face. The aftermath of water damage can be extensive, often leading to structural damage and fostering harmful mold growth. The process of filing a water damage claim requires meticulous documentation, a task that can be complex and time-consuming. However, a Public Adjuster is armed with the knowledge and skills to navigate this process effectively.



Hail damage can significantly impact property components including roofs, windows, and siding. The severity of hail damage is not always immediately evident, making it essential to engage a Public Adjuster for a thorough assessment. They ensure that all necessary repairs arising from hail damage are duly covered by your insurance company, providing peace of mind in a challenging situation.

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Top 10 Queries: Understanding Storm Damage Claims for Business Owners

Your Guide to Navigating the Commercial Storm of Insurance Claims

1. What type of storm-related damage claim is the most common?

Typically, businesses lodge the highest number of storm-related claims due to roof damage because of wind or hailstorms. In such scenarios, the expertise of a public adjuster could be vital, helping you assess the true extent of the damage and ensure the claim reflects the actual repair costs.

2. What should my immediate response be after a storm?

Once you identify any damage post-storm, it's critical to document the damage as soon as it is safe to do so. A public adjuster could guide you in aptly recording the damage and advise on steps to mitigate further damage.

3. Is there a specific deadline for filing a storm damage claim?

The timeline for filing a storm damage claim heavily depends on the conditions of your policy. Public adjusters can help you navigate these terms and ensure your claim is submitted within the given time frame.

4. What if I disagree with the insurance company’s settlement?

You have the right to contest the settlement if you find it unsatisfactory. Public adjusters can assist you in these situations, negotiating on your behalf with the insurance company to secure a fair settlement.

5. What happens if we discover more damage after the insurance adjuster's visit?

If more damage is found after the insurance adjuster's visit, it's usually possible to file a supplemental claim. A public adjuster can play a crucial role in identifying and documenting this additional damage, ensuring a comprehensive claim.

6. What role does a public adjuster play, and when would I need one?

A public adjuster acts as your advocate, handling the evaluation and negotiation of your insurance claim. Their knowledge of policy terms, damage valuation, and negotiation strategies can lead to a quicker and more equitable settlement.

7. Will hiring a public adjuster lead to the cancellation of my insurance policy?

No, your insurance company cannot legally terminate your policy simply because you've engaged a public adjuster. They're there to protect your rights as a policyholder during the claim process.

8. What action should I take if my storm damage claim gets rejected?

In the event of your claim being rejected, involving a public adjuster can be beneficial. They can scrutinize the grounds for the rejection, help you compile the required paperwork, and stand for you during appeal processes, thereby potentially improving your odds of a favorable resolution.

9. Does my insurance cover the cost of a public adjuster?

Insurance typically doesn't cover the cost of a public adjuster. However, many work on a contingency basis, only receiving payment if you receive a payout. Despite the cost, their expertise can often lead to larger settlements.

10. How can a public adjuster support me with storm damage claims?

Public adjusters can be invaluable in dealing with storm damage claims. Their expertise in damage evaluation, policy interpretation, and negotiation with insurance companies can lead to more extensive claim submissions and potentially larger settlements. They can also provide guidance and stress relief throughout the claims process.

“I recently had  “Home Safe Claims” do a insurance  claim for us and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The service was prompt, professional, and the final amount exceeded my expectations. I would definitely use this service again in the future and recommend it to others.”

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