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HOME SAFE CLAIMS LLC was established by lifelong friends and business associates, Eduardo Rodriguez-Delgado and Rodrigo Yervis. Their collective experience from years as claims consultants enabled them to understand the profound difference they could make in people's lives.

Their early professional years spent closely working with homeowners dealing with property damage, provided them valuable insights into the industry and how they could improve it. These insights were instrumental in the birth of Home Safe Claims. After all, facing unexpected damage to one's home can be a harrowing experience that shakes the very foundations of one's sense of security.

Rodrigo and Eduardo understood that the role of an adjuster was not limited to technical expertise. It also necessitated a high degree of empathy and a commitment to establishing long-lasting relationships with clients founded on their results. Today, Home Safe Claims has dedicated consultants across the entire state of Colorado, serving homeowners with sincerity and an unwavering commitment to ensure that every client can once again feel safe in their own homes.

The duo was determined to improve the experience of homeowners who had confided in them to manage their home insurance claims process. They believe that, starting from the first contact, every client deserves clear communication, meticulous attention to the claim process, and the constant reassurance of a performance guarantee.

Rodrigo Yervis


Eduardo Rodriguez-Delgado


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